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Do you have books and records on every vehicle?
We have the original books and records for most of our vehicles. Ask if the vehicle you're interested in comes with books and records.

Do you sell vehicles to purchasers located outside of the United States?
Yes, we sell vehicles to purchasers all over the world - Canada, Dubai, Germany, Iceland, Russia and more!

Where do you find such beautiful pre-owned vehicles?
We are so trusted by large franchise dealers that they call us when they have a trade in that they do not wish to market. For example, Mercedes-Benz dealership will not market a BMW and vice-versa. We also have a large network of previous customers who trade their vehicles in on a regular basis, so we know our vehicles meet our high standards.

Do you take trade-ins?
Yes! We accept all vehicles.

Are prices listed on eBay different than those listed on your website?
No, they are exactly the same. We use the same inventory feed for our website and our eBay listings. You are welcome to make an offer through eBay or by contacting our dealership.

Can you provide a CARFAX report on your vehicles?


How does the shipment of my vehicle get handled?
Although the customer is responsible for the shipment of their vehicle, we have many reputable shippers that we can recommend. These shippers have been used by hundreds of our customers and can provide references, if requested. Vehicles are shipped as cargo. They are not towed or driven unless by the customer.

Do you ship to Canada or Mexico?

Can you ship overseas?
Yes! Many of our shippers offer containerized shipping overseas.

What is the average shipping cost per vehicle?
Cost for shipping varies depending on distance. Please ask for an estimate.


Who is responsible for taking such beautifully detailed photos of your vehicles?
Celebrity Auto Group is proud to have professional photographer on staff.

How far from local Airports is your dealership?
Our showroom is conveniently located by three local airports 14 miles from Sarasota-Bradenton (SRQ) airport, 62 miles from Tampa (TPA) airport, and 87 miles from Fort Meyers (FMY) airport.

Who is responsible for cleaning your vehicles so thoroughly?
Celebrity Auto Group is proud to have fulltime detailers on our team.

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